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Outstanding Features of the Profile

Our products speak for themselves and we stands apart amongst its competitors in market by virtue of its unique features.

Lead free profile

Lead free profile

Lead being a cancerous agent, we develop lead free profiles to avoid health hazards to people. It also provides longer window life with stronger weld strength and better UV resistance.

upvc large reinforcement space

Large reinforcement space

Strategic designing of reinforcement space allows large doors for sunlight and scenic view and usage in high rises.

upvc usage of weather seals

Usage of weather seals

Avoids air gap between slider sashes, prevents insect invasion and whistling effect.

upvc artisan design

Artisan design

Developed exquisite designs blending traditional concepts with contemporary ideas.


Designed for Indian weather condition

Our profiles can withstand extreme weather conditions like heat, wind and rain, which are harsh in Indian sub continent.

upvc better drainage

Better drainage

Inherent slope with designed water outlet solution, ensures water does not stay in the system. System can withstand heavy cyclone and can prevent water invasion.

Highly engineered product

Minute details are covered while designing these profiles. Hence our profiles do not fail in any extreme scenario.

Coextruded gaskets

Co-extruded gaskets among the bead

This improves overall aesthetics and saves time while fabricating the window.

upvc wall thickness

Wall thickness

Bigger sash requires more wall thickness which offers better impact strength, weld quality and prevents deformation.